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thank you to visiting us. Our page is under construction, you won’t find to much now.

We recommend you to visit the Hungarian site, if you click here, you can read the google-translated version.

A few words about us:
We are a small group of airplane enthusiasts in Budapest, Hungary, who 2 years ago started to renovate an old Il-14T to it’s original – but not airworthy – condition, in the Ferihegy Aviation Memorial Park.

In 2010 we finished the painting, the airplane – her nickname is “MALvinka” – now shining in her old MALÉV colors.


In 2011 the first engine start was accomplished, after 24 years of standing.

In 2012 the other engine  also started. In the same year we started to restorate 3 other planes: a Tu-154B-2 (HA-LCG), Tu-134 (HA-LBE) and an Il-18V (HA-MOA).

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